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Winter in Ireland is book 5 in my contemporary sweet western romance series, which is mostly set in Bozeman, MT. Except for this book….  In this one, Isabella’s sister, Jennifer, who is a successful romance writer, heads off to Ireland for a few months–to research a new book and to escape a recently ended relationship. Paul was a great guy, but a workaholic and the one thing she knows for sure is that she doesn’t want to date someone like that again.

Jen is excited to have a break from dating, to relax and sink into writing her newest romance, where a happy ending is always guaranteed and is much safer and less messy than real-life. She’s staying with her best friend Mandy’s Aunt Sorcha and is looking forward to exploring Dublin and the surrounding areas, eating scones with Aunt Sorcha’s friends and visiting the local pubs with her son Tim who is eager to show her around. She doesn’t anticipate seeing much of her other son, Ian, who Mandy said was an even worse workaholic than Paul. But a plumbing accident at Ian’s fancy downtown condo has him staying above the garage for a few weeks, and well, maybe there are other sides of Ian that might be interesting to explore too. Nothing too serious of course, as she’s just in Ireland on vacation.

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