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This is a best friends to lovers story, which has always been a favorite theme of mine. I had so much fun writing this! ┬áI hope you enjoy it. You can get this one exclusively at Amazon as it is part of their Kindle Worlds and Bella Andre’s sweeter pen name, Lucy Kevin.

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Jenna Eldridge┬áis known for evocative photographs that manage to capture the essence of a person’s soul. She is especially in demand for weddings and can always tell, after seeing their photos, which couples will stay together. She is shocked to her core by a recent photo from Connor Maxwell’s wedding. It was of his cousin Charlie, her best friend, wearing a gaze of intense longing seemingly directed at her.

Although she’s never really thought of him that way before, his photo makes her reconsider. Not least as her reading of the photographs has never been wrong before. But dating Charlie could be messy and risky and Jenna has always been the practical sort. Especially since he never dates anyone for long, and has an annoying, high maintenance, ex-girlfriend, Marlene, who is determined to get him back and down the aisle