My favorite weight loss recipe!

So, in addition to occasionally posting book news, I may start posting a few recipes I’ve tried and loved, and that have helped me to lose weight. I’ve recently lost about 12 pounds over two months by eating more veggies, less meat (no meat actually, just some seafood). Overall, I feel better, and my blood pressure is down too. Not that it was that high, but it was around 135 and I’d always been under 120. A month after eating this way and I’m back in the 110-115 range.

mock tuna chickpea salad


I love to cook and have been exploring new recipes that are healthier and meat-free. This simple chickpea salad is one of my favorites. It has all the flavor of a tuna salad sandwich and is great in a wrap, or my favorite way to eat it is with tortilla chips. Here’s how I make it.




Chickpea “Tuna” salad

I can or box of chickpeas, drained and rinsed

Juice of half a lemon

2 celery stalks, minced

2 dill pickle spears, minced

1 tsp dill pickle juice from the jar

2 tab mayo (I use egg-free Just Mayo brand)

1/2 tsp Old Bay seasoning (key to the flavors)

1/2 tsp Onion powder (you could use a quarter cup diced fresh but powder is easier on my stomach)

dash of salt and pepper

Mash until a little chunky and everything well combined. You can eat immediately, but the flavors improve after a few hours or overnight.

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