New Release! Bernie’s Birthday is here.

Bernie’s Birthday is book #22 in the River’s End Ranch series that I write with four of my friends,

Cindy Caldwell, Kirsten Osbourne, Amelia Adams and Caroline Lee. We each take turns writing books set in this world and every two weeks, one is released. The setting is a family run ranch in Idaho and there are six siblings. Each book features a different couple, either friends or relatives of the siblings.

Bernie’s Birthday stars Wade Weston’s assistant Bernie, who is turning twenty-seven when the story begins. All is going well in her life, she loves her job at the ranch and recently had a promotion. She has a full life between work, friends, and family. She’s super close to her older brother, Jack, who is a bit of a ladies man, but a sweetheart too. He just hasn’t found ‘the one’. And neither has Bernie. She’s been too busy to look but as the rumor says, love has a way of finding you when you least expect it.

Though the only person she keeps running into is David, the ER doc who helped Wade when he had his panic attack. She’s known him since she was in elementary school and David always seemed like he couldn’t stand her. At least that’s how it seemed to Bernie…but then Wade surprises her by bidding on David at a bachelor auction to benefit the local hospital–and insists that Bernie go on the date. Click here to go to Amazon/KindleUnlimited


Some fun background inspiration for this story. My brother, also named David, lives in the North West, in a house built into the side of a mountain overlooking Lake Chelan. That house, which is partly on stilts and has a wrap around porch and lots of glass windows, is how I imagined Dr. David’s house as I wrote it.





My brother regularly sees Big Horned Sheep running in the fields by his house–so Dr. David does too! As well as deer and wild horses. It’s a beautiful spot and I am so overdue for a visit.





He also built this dock and installed a lift for his boat that keeps it a few feet above the water to protect it. My brother is a plumber and installs these lifts, so I thought that of course, Dr. David had to have one too.


Love this pic of deer on his property. They look so startled and curious.

So, that’s a bit about what inspired the setting and house for Dr. David. I hope you’ll take a look at Bernie’s Birthday and visit the rest of the stories at River’s End Ranch.


Nashville Dreams


Up next, is Nashville Dreams. This one is a standalone story. A sweet, fun saga that spans several years and is set in Montana, Charleston, and Nashville. I think of it as true love, torn apart by amnesia and a calculating billionaire with political ambitions. It’s a bit different than what you may be used to from me, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.   Coming soon!  ~Pam


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