Losing 20 pounds, My new favorite ‘fast food’ lunch

This is now one of mAmy's Organic Split Pea Soupy new favorite lunches. My sister had told me that the Amy’s soups were good, but I was skeptical. How good could they really be? I’ve never been that impressed with any canned soups. But I happened to see that Amy’s Organic soups were on sale, so I grabbed a can to try it out. I love split pea soup, and am kind of picky about it, so my expectations were low. Plus, this is a vegetarian version, no ham, but I was surprised by how good it was. I tend to be hungriest at lunch time, so just the soup wouldn’t be enough to fill me.

But I had some leftover grilled salmon that I added and that was delicious. Another time, it was rotisserie chicken. So, a filling lunch, high in fiber, and protein and low in fat for under 400 calories. This particular one is also low in sodium, which is often an issue with canned soups. It’s a good option when you want something fast and have some leftovers to use up. I’ve also had it without extra protein add-ins on days when I know I’m going out to dinner and want to save those extra calories.

Diet is still going well. I’m hoping to be down at least a pound again tomorrow. Clothes are starting to feel looser. Have been walking for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week and want to add in weights next week. Will weigh-in and report results tomorrow. 🙂



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