Week 5 weigh-in, The Walnut Problem

I wasn’t terribly surprised by this week’s weigh-in. I got off to a great start and was doing so well that I broke my rule to weigh myself once a week and hopped on the scale the next day. I was down another pound!  and was all excited for a big drop this week, like maybe to 141.

But then walnuts happened. My biggest diet issue has always been portion control. I want more of the things I like. And I really like walnuts. They are supposed to be a great diet help, full of good things like Omega 3’s and a good source of fat that helps you feel full and keeps you from snacking. Unless you snack on more walnuts.

The problem began with a bad estimation on size. And truthfully, there was a niggle of doubt in my mind all along that I was fooling myself. A tablespoon of walnuts has about 50 calories. There are four tablespoons in a quarter cup and that’s 200 calories. The walnut problem is that my eyeballed tablespoon maybe been closer to a quarter cup. Walnuts are big and so is my appetite.

But, if I have four tablespoons of walnuts in a day, no big deal. I can track in those 200 calories. The problem is when I might be counting quarter cups as tablespoons, so my tracking could be off by 600-700 calories a day and that will stall or even sabotage weight loss.

I started this week aThe-Wedding-Photo-Kindlet 144, dropped to 143 and weighed in this morning at 145. So, I am officially up a pound this week. And kind of feel like I lost two weeks because now it will take me another week to get back to 144. Sigh. I also didn’t exercise much this week.So, back on track now. Exercising and limiting the walnut consumption.

Oh and I released a new book! So, that is a bright spot in the week. People seem to be really liking it so far! It’s a novella, and is just $1.99 on Amazon. It’s a friends to lovers sweet romance set in San Francisco and Big Sky, MT.

Click here to read more on Amazon. 



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