Day 13, losing 20 pounds, Book and TV break!

TRUST mystery suspense

I was chatting with some writer friends earlier this morning about some of the new TV shows we are enjoying. I think TV drama shows have improved so much in recent years, both on cable as well as network TV.  My new favorite is The Catch, which is an addicting cat and mouse drama where the heroine, Allison, is a private detective, tracking the charming con man who was once her fiance. Each episode features a new con as she gets closer to catching him and struggling with her feelings for him.

I’m also enjoying Quantico, which is a fast-paced, not terribly realistic FBI show that follows a bunch of trainees, one of whom may be a terrorist.

Two others have been highly recommended that I want to watch soon too, The Family, and Game of Silence. As a writer, I find good drama shows inspiring as I seek to add suspense and fun twists to my stories.

What shows are you enjoying right now?

Speaking of suspense and twists, my book TRUST, is now available in paperback, here!

I didn’t post yesterday. I actually ate less than usual, still fighting a silly cold, which meant I had no appetite….which never happens! So, it was easy to stay on track. Nothing terribly exciting on the menu, leftovers…cantaloupe for breakfast, salad with chicken, avocado and Italian dressing. Dinner was a baked potato with sauteed catfish, cooked in olive oil, butter and lime juice. 🙂


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