Day 11, Lose 20 pounds, How fruit can help

Over the weekend, I was poring over diet magazines and web sites and saw something that sounded interesting, eating just fruit before noon. The reasoning is that it’s easier on the body’s digestive system and that supposedly it can help with acid reflux. So, I decided to try it out. Cantaloupes were on sale at my local market for just $2, so I picked up a few.

I have to admit, I was skeptical. I’ve never been one of those people who doesn’t eat breakfast or just has a yogurt or toast or something small. I wake up HUNGRY. I often have eggs or oatmBlueberry Avocado Smoothieeal, so how was fruit going to fill me up? Wouldn’t I need protein first thing too?

I was very pleasantly surprised. The cantaloupe was delicious and I ate 3/4 of it and then  mid-morning, I made a smoothie with blueberries and almond milk and bit of honey. That was good too. The best part was that I liked how it made me feel, lighter and energetic, and full. I ate as much cantaloupe as I wanted and that and the smoothie kept me going until lunch.

I’ve been tracking what I eat in the My Fitness Pal app and one thing I like is that it shows you the nutrition. I was shocked at how good cantaloupe is for you! It is loaded with potassium, and has more than 3x the daily suggested amounts of Vitamins A and C. It even has a little protein, about 4.5 grams.

I decided to try something new with this mornings smoothie. I added half an avocado to make it a bit creamier and thicker. It made it so thick, I had to add a quarter cup more almond milk. It doesn’t have as strong a blueberry taste though, so I think next time I’ll try half a banana. But, I will try this again using mixed berries and a scoop of cocoa and that could make for a creamy chocolaty shake. Will let you know how that works out.

Another fruit recipe I am looking forward to trying is blueberry pancakes, which are totally gluten free, and made from eggs, coconut, baking soda and bananas. Sounds intriguing. The picture in this months issue of Prevention magazine made it look amazing….will try soon! Lunch today is mustard chicken, over a salad of red leaf lettuce and avocado with the delicious dressing I talked about in yesterday’s post made with Maple Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil. Might pick up a piece of haddock for dinner tonight. Did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning and will do squats tonight! Hope your week gets off to a great start. 🙂


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  1. I am like you – I wake up ravenous and always think I need protein to fill me. And Carbs – but fruit is a great alternative. I have been making a carrot cake smoothie (very healthy actually) that is pretty amazing!

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