Day 9, Losing 20 pounds, Easy Honey Chicken recipe

Happy Honey ChickenSaturday! I am fighting a cold or something, so wanted to make something simple and comforting. This chicken did the trick. It is easy on the stomach and the turmeric and honey gives it a nice flavor and hint of sweetness.

I took two four oz chicken breasts, plopped them on a pan, drizzled about a teaspoon of honey over each breast and a few drops of oil oil, then spread it evenly to coat, and sprinkled turmeric on top (about a quarter tsp per breast). Baked at 375 for about 25 minutes and served over brown rice with the pan juices for added flavor. I will make this one again!

Taking the day off from exercise, will be back at it tomorrow. Hope you are off doing something fun tonight!


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