Lose 20 pounds in 3 or 4 months, Day 2

IMG_1209I survived Day One. Sort of. It wasn’t a stellar example of how to diet really. One glass of wine with dinner and one after on my friend’s front porch would have been ideal. But old habits die hard and it was Friday and the first glass of wine was delicious, so there was another had with dinner. But healthy choices were made for dinner. I had a wonderful, fresh piece of baked haddock with a lemon butter sauce, green beans and whipped potato. I passed on the tempting hot, crusty rolls and the dipping oil and instead shared an arugula salad that was lightly dressed with lemon and oil. And I did not have a bite of the ginormous bowl of vanilla bean ice cream that my friend’s daughter ordered and that everyone was tasting.

My legs are a little sore from my first day of squats yesterday…but I will up the number by one and do 26 of them today, along with a visit to the elliptical machine at the gym. It’s a rainy, raw day here, so it’s a good day to stay in and write and read, which I plan to do.

Day is off to a good start food-wise. Breakfast is in the picture above, a basic two egg omelette with onion and asparagus sauteed in one teaspoon of butter until lightly browned. A pinch of Italian seasoning and sprinkle of salt and pepper and it’s done and really good. Had a banana as well. These omelettes are so easy to make and come together in just a few minutes, once the egg is poured over the hot veggies. Because I don’t do cheese, sometimes, I will plop a spoonful of hummus in the middle as a filling and that is really good.

Food for the rest of the day looks like leftover chicken and potatoes and maybe soup for dinner. No wine as I don’t think I’m going out tonight…..hopefully lots of writing and reading will happen. Still need to watch the second episode of the new show The Catch. Story is by the talented mystery writer Kate Atkinson and developed by Shonda┬áRhimes of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. So far, I like it. Has anyone seen it?

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