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chefThis is not an April Fool’s joke. Really. I decided to start a diet blog on April 1.  This will continue on a daily basis until I have lost 20 pounds. Realistically somewhere between 3-4 months if I behave. Posting daily is part of the accountability that should hopefully help with that. If you are at all interested in trying to lose weight or want to hear about healthy recipes occasionally, please follow along.

This started two days ago when I had my yearly doctor’s appointment and asked my doctor, “How much should I weigh?”  Doctors like questions like that. Her eyes lit up. “How tall are you?”

“5′ 3′”  She walked over to a chart on the wall and said, “Okay, your healthy range is 107 to 135 pounds. If you can get to the high end of that it would be good.”

I thought about that. My scale at home says I weigh 153. The one at the gym says 157. Since I usually weigh myself at home, in the morning, I’m going to go with 153. It makes me feel a little better. Twenty years ago, I weighed between 128 and 133. My weight has always bounced around a bit. Thing is, I like food. A lot. You might even say I’m a little obsessed with it. I’m always thinking ahead to my next meal or what I’ll be cooking or where I’ll be going out to eat. At my age, that’s what we do for entertainment, go out to eat or have people over and cook in. So the bottom end of that range will never be my reality. I decided on 133 as a target goal.

Yesterday, someone on Facebook posted a graphic of a woman doing squats and a challenge to do them for 3 weeks. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in months. Did the elliptical for 25 minutes. Went back this morning and did it for 28 minutes and then did 25 squats.

I’m not someone who can stick to a rigid diet. I like food too much. I also like wine and have no intention of giving that up. My diet plan is simple, eat less, make smarter choices and exercise more. Each day, I’ll check in with how the day went. Some of my food choices may seem odd, not typical diet fare. But I do believe you can eat anything you want and lose weight if you focus on eating less of it.

So, breakfast today was leftover chicken marsala and roasted fingerling potatoes. A small amount. After gym snack was a banana. I have a hair appointment at 11:30 so will have a small, 100 calorie bag of popcorn before I go and a cup of chicken rice soup for lunch when I get back.

Tonight will  be my first challenge. I’m going out to dinner with friends….will try to stick to veggies and a piece of fish maybe. There will be wine. 🙂

Another challenge for me is that I’m trying to also eat dairy and gluten-free because I’ve found that I’m intolerant to both and feel much better when I avoid them. But…cheese! I love cheese, and pizza… sometimes I cheat. LOL But when I do, I pay by feeling sick, so I now cheat less and less. I will be sharing any gluten and dairy free recipes I try that are amazing…’s my first one for the best roasted potatoes I’ve ever had. Ever. This recipe was from a Plated meal that I had.  I get two meals delivered weekly, all the ingredients ready to be cooked…and plated. The potatoes I’ll be making over and over.

About 12 fingerling potatoes, halved and then halved lengthwise.

1.5 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

2 springs of rosemary, leaves removed and chopped.

Heat oven to 425. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil. In small bowl, mix oil, mustard and rosemary. Put cut potatoes on foil, pour oil mix over and them toss potatoes until evenly coated. Season with salt and pepper. Put all potatoes cut side down, then roast in oven for 15 minutes.

I will be weighing in once a week, on Friday mornings…and will report the results…..good or bad.

Happy Friday!


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11 thoughts on “Food Blog, Watch me lose 20 pounds!

  1. Good luck Pamela. If other people’s success stories help you, here’s mine. I, too, am a foodie and losing 20 pounds has always been the bane of my existence. A year ago I was diagnosed with reflux and had to go on a diet to cure it. I weighed 145, 5’3″. I had to give up sugar, tomatoes, caffeine, dairy and processed foods–really just chips in my case, I don’t eat many processed foods, unless you count cooked, which fall under sugar. I thought it would be temporary and because I hated my reflux symptoms, I was committed. It was hard at first, but because I wasn’t restricted to calories, I didn’t go hungry. Lots of protein and veggies. To my surprise, I lost 10 pounds in a month because of the absence of dairy and sugar, and over the past year, the reflux is not as easy to control as I thought, I’m down to the 120-124. I go back and forth, 122-23 is my sweet spot. So for me, giving up dairy, I put a LOT of whole milk in my coffee and ate a lot of ice cream, sugar in general and the chips, did it for me. Everybody has to find their own way of controlling urges, weight, etc. The reflux diet was my motivation. I eat more now than I should, but way less and it’s easy to maintain after a year, but boy I watch it. Accountability is a great way. Deb, Vickie, Wendy and I are checking in each day since our lunch the other day to make sure we exercise. If you’d like to join our FB group, it’s just us, let me know Writers getting off their butts, or something like that. Good luck. Go you.

    • Helen, I’d love to join your FB group! Congrats on the weight loss! Another reason I am looking to lose is to help with GERD too. I have cut back on most of the trigger foods, except for coffee. I can’t give that up. Is your reflux better now?

      • Well it’s better than it was. At first I gave up EVERYTHING. Including coffee. It was hard having water for breakfast but I needed to fix gerd. I went on Nexium which gave me major problems. I had to go off it but it did help. My esophagus was no longer inflamed after a while but my voice was still bad, still clearing my throat all the time, sinus drip. I don’t have much heartburn, but other symptoms. I ended up going to a GI doc. My allergist first diagnosed me. Turns out I had an ulcer from aspirin for my heart and he treated that which I think also helped the gerd. he said the diet didn’t affect gerd that much but I think it does. I’m not as religious as i was, sugar is my downfall but I don’t eat as much as I did. I can tell when I eat stuff that are acid, I have more symptoms. But if I stick to the diet it’s easier to maintain my weight. I put so much milk in my coffee that it adds a lot of calories. This stuff is so hard. I’ll send you a link to the exercising group. Happy to have you. And good luck with this.

  2. I list 40 lbs in 2 years but have gained 20 back this winter. Comfort food in cold weather is my downfall. And I am gone from 6 am to 6 pm with my commute to/from work & 9 hrs at a high stress desk job. By time I get to dinner with my husband, I have 2 hrs left to de-stress before bed. If I exercise I can’t the sleep. So I pick 8 hrs sleep over exercise.
    Your positive blog gives me the ambition to lose. I would like to follow along and lose weight with you. I AM IN ! WHO ELSE WILL TAKE THE CHALLENGE ?

    • I used to have a long commute like that too. It’s hard to find the energy to exercise at night and I found that it woke me up too much if I did! Comfort food is my downfall too. Good luck to both of us!

  3. I love that you started this blog. My goal would be about 25 pounds to get to a healthy weight. I would really like to follow you & get some tips. Salty food & tequila spritzer are my comforts. I have started to cut my food in half. And eat more often little amounts of protein to keep my metabolism going. Some days are great success other days not so great. Accountability is one of the hardest things, so you posting every day & being honest that you love good food & wine is brave & I am encouraged knowing I’m not the only one. Way to go!

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