SIX MONTHS IN MONTANA hit #1 in its category at Amazon!

It was a fleeting moment, but fun while it lasted….yesterday SIX MONTHS IN MONTANA topped the Western Romance charts at #1 and was also on the Family Sagas list as well as Inspirational (which is a fluke, as it’s not an Inspirational book!).

This should be available soon on other platforms, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, shortly after (as soon as I figure out how to get it there).

Six Months in Montana, Pamela KelleySIX MONTHS IN MONTANA is a sweet romance, a modern marriage of convenience story and was inspired by a close friend who moved out to Montana in her late 30’s knowing almost no one and found true love. Montana, particularly the Bozeman area has felt like a romantic setting to me ever since.

Here’s the mini-blurb, and excerpt below,

Molly Bishop loves living in Manhattan and managing a boutique luxury hotel. A visit home to Montana and a meddling matchmaking grandfather of an childhood friend (who is now too hot for his own good) may result in a Marriage in Montanta… It’s not real, but could it be?

Chapter One

This is a joke right?” Christian Ford looked at his lawyer, and best friend, Travis Jones in disbelief. Now he understood why Travis had insisted that he come by his office for an official reading of his grandfather’s will. “Are you seriously telling me that he changed his will less than a month before he died, and added this condition?”
“I’d love to tell you I’m kidding, but your grandfather was very clear about what he wanted.” Travis added, “I tried to talk him out of it. Told him you haven’t even seen her in years. But he was insistent, said he ran into her at the market last month. She was home for a quick visit, and they got to chatting.”
“Doesn’t she live in New York city now?” Christian hadn’t seen or thought of Molly in years.
“She does. Works for one of the large hotel chains. Sounds like she’s done pretty well too.”
“So this makes absolutely no sense then. Her life isn’t here.” Christian glanced around the office, not really seeing the varnished dark wood bookcases, or the breathtaking mountain view out the window behind Travis. His office also overlooked Main Street, which in Beauville, MT, a small town just outside Bozeman, meant that it served as the center of town and most of the small shops and businesses were along this stretch.
“Your grandfather seemed to think she’d be better off here.” Travis said.
“It’s absolutely ridiculous. She’ll never agree to it, why would she?”
Travis leaned back in his plush leather chair and picked up the will, shuffling the pages until he found the passage he was looking for.
“Well, you just have to stay married for six months. She’d be free to go after that if she wishes, and it might be worth her while.”“Have you called her yet?” Christian was having a hard time wrapping his head around this. His grandfather had always marched to his own drum and had plenty of ideas about how Christian should do things, but he’d never meddled to this extreme before.
“I spoke with her briefly yesterday. She’s on her way here, meeting us in an hour at Delancey’s.”
“We’re not meeting in the office?” Delancey’s was the best restaurant in town.
“Given the situation, I thought the least we could do is buy her dinner.”


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